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Two or three pictures of Client Appreciation Party 2012 of the PROMAR with some notable message.

2. Any picture of business related association or forum PROMAR participated. For example Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or any Canadian association relevant to trophy & Award services.

3. Pictures of any national or community’s trade shows participated like Senthil’s Varthga Cholai or Kondadam

4. Two or three pictures of Client Appreciation Party 2011 of the PROMAR with some notable message

5. Service provided during the election time for political campaign for a particular political party or a person who contested for a particular party. Example banner printed for election campaign

6. Any awards or trophies services given to any associations, professionals or celebrities. If have any past office sample.

7. Family oriented customer satisfied past work for birth day, wedding anniversary, New Home going, Get well or convocation for academic achievement or any other community and family occasions.

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