Awards & Promotions

Printing and art work for all of our finished products is done in-house. We have variety of selection for the promotional and award purpose suited to the businesses, community or individual needs. We have large quantity of business and community products in stock for promoting businesses and professional images, encouraging sports and community involvement and appreciating younger talents and community leaders and people who showing their love and affection to their loved ones or relatives on family oriented functions.

We believe customers are value maximumers. We believe retaining customers is important. That’s by we are respecting and treating them well and providing superior service on customer caring afford. We always quickly respond customer’s specific and special needs to keep them intimately. As of our prime concern in building relationship with our customers, we serve them better to make them happy. We offer quality products, aesthetic art work, timely deliver and offering competitive price even below the market price.

Products includes but are not limited to. We have two types of market segmented products suited to businesses, community associations and families. Promotional products for businesses and awarding products for community associations. We also have personalized products giving gift in family functions to loved one or relatives be memorable and heart touched ever to the recipients.

Doesn’t matter your business is big or small. Doesn’t matter your need is for business promotion, or community uplift or family memorable events. Doesn’t matter your quantity is big or small in volume. We accept everything you order with our capability for high volume and fast production run employing latest technologies and are always learning the screen printing development process.

Our workshop is fully equipped and has very skilled and experienced production workers. Showroom we have well organized displaying both unfinished product sample as well as finished products we delivered to our customers in the past. We offer a vast range of custom plaques and awards, all of varying styles and finishes. All of our custom plaques and awards are able to display your logo in the highest quality finish at reasonable cost with and all come in presentation box.

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